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Adventures in Boy Drawing

Adventures in Boy Drawing

Boy drawing has always been a challenge for me. For one thing, I’m not a boy and secondly, most boys in my opinion aren’t much to look at. However, since moving back up to San Francisco after 7 years of living in L.A., I have experienced an art renaissance. Furthermore I’ve had the pleasure of observing a plethora of cute boys to draw. Thank goodness there’s such a place as San Francisco! Soooooo.. for a while I will post the Bay Area boys I feel that are worthy of joining the predominantly female cast of my webcomic Superficial*

Above is the first:

Smallish boy, big booming friendly voice and manner and great style.
I think I’ll have Drew model this pose for me tomorrow so I can get that fabulous coat ju-uuuuust right and add some pizazz to the clean up.

This next cutie is Gabriel.
He’s nice young man. I used another nice fellow to model for me in order to complete the body. Having a model standing right in front of you is nice for those doryphoros poses that are so necessary for character design. It’s also rare to see a guy without his hands in his pockets. The left arm is too long though. Whoops!
Sunday night as I walkes home from the AAU 180 lab via Union Square, I spotted a fabulous window display of male mannequins in wonderful relaxed poses. There were so great that stopped in my tracks and drew them on the spot in spite of the risk to my safety ( it was like 10 pm at night!) Anyhoo, antoher thing that was great about the mannequins was that there obliques were round and pliable unlike the Michelangleos David which is great but still stiff and square, therefore stifling to my line of action. The pants the mannequins wore draped daringly low past their obliques which gave a lot of info I needed. Infortunately the display was taken down the next day when I came back with my camera. Perhaps it was too risque` for the tourists? I dunno. Pity because I really wanted to use those poses for more character designs!
If anyone knows the window artist of Zara, tell that person that I wanna draw those mannykins!


2 responses to “Adventures in Boy Drawing

  1. Benedict E Bowen May 7, 2006 at 9:00 am

    Hey! Squarejawhero here. Just wanted to post how much I love your Miyazaki-esque drawings… keep up the great work! ^_^

  2. James Dylan May 7, 2006 at 10:22 am

    JDC here.. good work.. I always have trouble with girl drawings

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