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AAU Spring Fever

Cal Arts has a dance department and the Academy of Art has a fashion department. Both disciplines provide inspiration ( and girlfriends for male animators). Last Friday’s Spring Fever Ball and fashion show at the Broadway Studios in North Beach provided great energy for future issues of Superficial and great girl costumes.It’s so fun to watch cosutme artchicks teeter in their heels along side their scruffy boyfriends who aren’t uncomfortable in the least.In my opinion, it is alwasy best to bring a gay husband to a costume ball and leave the “puppy” at home to watch TV and porn where he is happiest. All but one of the hetero boys who attended weren’t much to look at as usual( thank goodness for the IDS department) but the girls in the fashion show were fab! Especially one girl with a shaved head who wore the frilliest outfit. She was really faboo.


One response to “AAU Spring Fever

  1. Benedict E Bowen May 17, 2006 at 11:30 pm

    I went to Wimbledon School of Art, that had (still does) an amazing costume department. I got involved as a guinea pig on occasion, but it was a laugh… Ah, those heady student days.Nice sketch too!

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