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Rarer than Unicorn Droppings

Intellectuals who around 6’5 are very difficult to find. Therefore, I had a hell of a time finding a model to use for the clean up of this drawing of Giermo, Superficial’s leading male character. Thanks to the following people who I chose/stalked to contribute to this character: Ben Gluck, Chri Csicotich, and George Micheal. You’re all beauts! Nami wouldn’t settle for anything less!
I chose a jacket in the window of The North Face for this particaular model of Giermo. Unfortunately the mannekin was only about 5’11 and it’s body type also gives that dainty 5’11 feel. With some people you can fudge it, but not with this mannequin. It had tapered fingers like you typical Norther European male who has no Roman blood, so the hands are sort of feminine. Giermo is heavier and has Mediterrenean features–meaning chiseled. More tomorrow….
Let’s look at the elements I intend to use on Giermo. Giermo is Portuguese, indigeonous Brazilian and German. The only aspect of German I use for Giermo is the height ( 6’5) everything else is the remaining ethinicities: skin: Brazilian. Body type and it’s bone structure is Portuguese and all of the various mediterrenean features that contribute to being Portuguese. Here are a few pics of an Armenian actor David Alpay in the film Ararat.
Note the jawline and hands of this beautiful boy.

Don’t even get me started about how this boy is a musician. EVERY girl’s weakness!


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