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School is out… now I am really depressed!

School ended for the summer last week at exactly 12am May 21st. My online matte painting class has officially locked out my user name and 180 computer lab fell quiet. I burned a DVD of my efforts and exploits of the semester and headed home via Union Square. It was prom night for the local high schools. Girls in strappy high-heeled sandals and backless gowns shivered aside their clueless beaus who forgot to bring jackets to lend their ladies. Seeing all of these revelers reminded me that was school was over and my party days for the semester were over. There is only Summer and anxiety of paying rent on my own to look forward to. Giving me the feeling of psedo-post pardom depression. So, I vowed to go to every party and arty gathering I could think of to avoid being lonely. There was the Bay to Breakers race that I wimped out on volunteering for. I felt awful when I realized I had slept through my alarm. I had to show up at the starting line to check people in at 5 am, but the starting line is within walking distance of my apartment. I should’ve been there. No matter how late I worked the night before on my final. Instant karma’s gonna get me man!
Academy Fashion Show the following Wednesday was a treat! I was late for it ( I got my wires crossed on the local). I loved most of the clothes. I think two of the models were well known professionals! One was definitely the Sub-Saharan African
model I see in Vogue from time to time. The other was spot on Naomi Campbell! I was way up in the balcony though, so I could be wrong. Most of all after seeing that show, for the first time, I was proud to be a part of the AAU.
The Academy of Art seems to be more of a party school than a institution of discipline because of the open enrollment policy. Elisa Stephens ( the pres) seemed to take on every wayward wannabe to fill her classrooms and fund the renovations on her Nob Hill manor. However, when she announced the internships at the end of the fashion show, all the stress I have seen on her face in past was replaced with pride in what her school can do and the second-chance social efforts she has extended to her students. The nice Paul McCartney ” Silly Love Songs” remix at the end very much sweetened the event as well.
Thursday was strange. I went to meet a friend at Mills College to view the MFA show there. Not much to look at or use in my own art in the near future. Then again, it was nice to be on the old CSSSA campus and reminisce with my fellow California Arts Scholar Gigi .

Friday, nothing much to report other than a trip to the temp agency (rent’s due next week! EEK!) and General Bead. General Bead is a nice place to find Summer projects. Going there also makes me less dependant on the Berkeley street vendors for jewelry. This Summer I shall make my own baubles—and select colors that actually compliment my skin tone! If I see one more pink and purple bracelet I’ll scream! The General Bead shop is a work of art within itself. The walls are studded with art and the cash register is even encrusted with beads. It’s like someone on LSD was let loose with a glue gun. Whatta gas!

Saturday. Pasha day. I haven’t seen my puppy baby in a month! So, I took along Kerouac’s On the Road novel and rode the J-Church muni-rail line to the Sunny Side to see my puppy. The J-Church winds through Noe Valley through ivy covered tunnel ways nestled between houses—many of them Victorians. It’s a reminder that I must do what ever I can to stay in this city I love so much—even if it means never working as an animator again. I’m graduating next year and a career at SFMOMA sounds like a peachy way to live out my life in this gorgeous city called San Francisco.


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