The Animatress Pipeline

Filmmaking Adventures


Just think, I’ll never have to work on a bad show again! No more Futurama’s, no more Dilberts! No more accepting offers from “ desperation studios only to endure the heart break of turning down the studio I WANT to work for that always calls a month later due to binding contracts! Now that I work for a museum, I can be proud of everything of I promote. Thank goodness for my thirties. The Age of Reclaiming!
I am now able to pay rent and stay in my city without being an animator to do so! I’m actually on my way to being a success in another industry: The Non- Commercial Art World. Big “A” small “c” and not the other way around. I will still dabble I the big “C” small “a” world but only on my terms and my turf! The mass market syndicate can take their underdog loser male characters and their pathetic target market who eat that shit up and STUFF IT.


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