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Holy Cow! Whatta birthday month! Kite flying at Baker Beach (un-nude) a blind Craig’s List date, super-surprise birthday money and a waterpipe digggery doo.

The museum is closed and I have a day off. I venture to the Palace of the Legion of Honor to view the current Monet exhibit. Upon arival I find out that despite my museum status I am required to pay $5 to see the exhibit! WELL! As far as I am concerned a visiting exhibit is nothing compared to traveling to France and seeing art in it’s natural setting so I passed.

I brought my kite so I can play on the grounds of the museum which on the Pacific side of the Golden Gate Bridge which is nice and breezy. Happy-happy kite flying. Anyhoo, to my chigrin, ALL of the open spaces were reseved for the golf course! I decided not to press my luck. If my kite ruined someone’s shot, I would make that person mad no matter cute it may have seemed to be foiled by a grown woman flying a kite. So I made my way to Baker Beach.
On my travels I found the coolest house in the Sea Cliff district where the Beach lies. I found a great Japanese manor and later a Chinese one with a veranda full of sculptures and potted seedlings—and the owner where STILL adding on to their home!
Needless to say this hike was turning out to be way better than the Monet exhibit.
Good day for the beach. Hardly anyone there and my kite was so east to fly that I did not have to run to maintain its position in the sky.So, I porgrammed my ipod to play the Sakura playlist ( flying music). My biggest flying challenge of the day was snapping a shot of the pelicans in flight that would approach my kite out of curiosity—–
Wednesday again
The following Wednesday was the day after my birthday. I was pissed for having to work on the day of, so I was determined to have an adventure! I had a Craig’s List date with a potential live-in boyfriend. I had placed an ad out of desperation to get rent paid on time on a regular basis. I noticed around the city that everyone either lives with roommates or a significant other–male and female alike. So, I didn’t feel so bad about finding the same solution for myself.
So, I waited around for “CL” for while with a determination that I would meet my friennd Gigi for dinner after 20 minutes if Mr. CL was late. Well, he was late and so I took off my conservative ensemble ( worn for respectability) and donned some funky fresh duds for a night out with Gigi. As I left the building, I noticed a dumpy computer IT type guy dressed all in black peering at the phone box. I paid him no mind and was about the descend the hill when he called after me by name.
Not only was the guy not my type when I specifically asked for a Mediterranean, but he had the worst teeth! I’m not Austion Powers or Dead Man’s death teeth–I;m talking Ren and Stimpy “Tooth Beaver” teeth! His entire soft palate was rotted! HOw can the men on CL complain about fat women when they look like THIS?!
ANyhoo, I didn’t have the heart to tell him flat out “NO”–or let’s just say I lack dumping experience.Depsite my digust I invite him to have dinner with Gigi and myself. He seemed like a nice enough guy and I was determined to have my birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant Thanya and Salee.
Over dinner, the poor guy was incharacteristicly uncultured in eating different foods.How can a person call themselves a San Franciscan without liking Asian food? C’mon, the city is OWNED by and large by the Asian community.
Strike One.
As the poor man struggled to consume his food with his yuck mouth teeth ( and lack there of on the top) he performed a pseuedo intellectual diatribe on the six degrees of separation of the world population. Gigi did a marvelous job if feigning interest in his uneducated theories while I tried not the stare at his teeth as I ate. This is a really mean of me to think!The poor man spent much if his time covering his mouth as smiled at his own jokes.
Anyhoo, after a time, CL dude excused himself to use tht restroom. Upon his arrival he returned with another person. The person sat down right in front of me—and smiled impishly. The first I thought was: CL dude called a friend and Gigi and I are either going to endure a prolonged night of pain (at lest his friend was cute)or we’re going to be lured somewhere dark on the way and chopped up into little pieces!
Then Gigi hit me on the arm:

Daniel Dobers, the heart throb of our old highschool was sitting at our table in all of his German exchange student glory! He made such a wonderful dessert for our dinner.
Of course Gigi and I fawned all over Daniel! For a moment, we forgot all about CL dude. When we came to out senses we tried to include him in our conversation, but he opted to leave the table and take up some reading outside. Y’know, Gigi and I are both impeccably well raised, but when you haven’t seen a dear friend for 16 years, you can’t help but give him some tearful attention. After a great deal and smiles and hugs our trio exchanged info and parted. Gigi and I then politely dropped CL guy off at the corner of his choice in SOMA—his idea not ours and continued our night of drinking and galavating on the roof of my building.
What an experience! I won’t internet date ever again. What’s scary is now that I think about it, CL guy looked a lot like Kevin from Sin City! Did I invite a demon into my house?

The Electoric Music Festival. After a long night working at the museum I traveled with Gigi to the Electronic Music Festival in SOMA. Knowing that I would better appreciate an evening of electronic noise while inebriated, I downed about 2 glasses of cabernet and seated myself happily in the auditorium.
The preformance consisted of a women singing Yoko One style into a diggery doo made out of water pipes. The performer stated herself that her instrument could be made at home! I was too drunk to care. Yoko Ono resonating through a diggery doo sounded most smurfy with my buzz.
Number 9 …number 9…number 9….


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