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I woke up with a feeling I never thought possible: I am growing weary of San Francisco!
The bohemian captial of the left coast, the place where I grew up and romantic center is now a bit of s snore.Is my Cherrokee and possible Berber ancestry (due to the fact that I cover my mouth when I laugh, a friend of mine said)? Or something else? What I think it really comes down to is my career.

I feel so out of place professionally in the Bay Area. There is only one decent animation company that treats it employees well and together with Lucas, it’s the only gig around. Furthermorre, BOTH are hard as hell to get hired into. Ideally I would like to work as animator for part of the year and work the remaining months in admin. Admin has many perks in San Francisco. For example, right now I am sitting at the front desk of a an engineering company that has a panaramic view of the bay and the Transamerica pyramid right next door to boot! Not bad! However, it would be nice to be able to earn enough money to pay bills so I can answey my phone. The only way I know how to do that is to be an animator, so it’s time I grew up and moved back to L.A.

When I do migrate I hope to live on Larrabee street in West Hollywood just above Sunset. That should take the sting out of missing my SF neighborhood. It’s on a hill and has stores close by. West Hollywood is the closest one can get to the look and feel of an eastern city in L.A. Perhaps I can also curb the LA blues with trips abroad. I’ll have plenty of money to do so and it will keep up my spirits up and complaints to a minimum at the studio.
However..if it’s possible.. NEW YORK would be a great place to live and explore for a while! Not too long, but just for a few months. Perhaps of I get my own children’s show I could stay there for a while while doing business is town. Ashanti in Greenwich village while working for the Sesame Workshop! Now that’s a short term goal that can carry through my LA residency and also the successful completion of my film!


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