The Animatress Pipeline

Filmmaking Adventures

Zoom a Little Zoom on a Rocketship!

Here is the visual development for my thesis film at the AAU-I’ll add more later. I’m doing character layout right now-fun–NOT. Hopefully this film which is produced in Adobe Illustrator and Flash will go smoothly producition wise. Nevertheless, next spring is going to be one hell of a semester!
8:16pm Post AAU Happy Hour
I’m pretty fucked up on a white russian substituted with Bailey’s for cream so I’ll add more later. BTW if your ever in San Francisco, go to the Minna street gallery. It ‘s a gallery/bar that the AAU rents out once a month and the atmosphere is fab. For a bar that will make you just about anything you can think up try the Matrix Fillmore in the Marina at Filbert and Fillmore. They can make anything (save one) so long as you bring the recipe. They can’t make a pousse cafe though. I am still looking for a bartender who can concoct that one for me. My cartoon imagination thinks the difficulty is equivalent to the drink Daffy Duck and Nasty Canasta swigged in Drip Along Daffy.
Mary had a little lamb. It’s fleece was white as shnow!

This BG Layout is a pill, and I haven’t even added the “gingerbread” yet!


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