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The Beauty of Johnny Quest

Aren’t they beautiful? Face it, I just love television animation! I love feature animation too, but you only get to tell the story once–and once isn’t enough for me! The Our Fiends and Neighbors Part One issue of Superficial will feature my obvious love affair with airpalnes and gadgets. I’m not going to go overboard becase I am already overwhelmed by the mere size of issue. But the ariplane fantast is still there. This summer’s first issue of the Giermo series will be seaplane and weather laden. Luckily, the world had given us such great production designers to learn from when I get stuck. Check out the use of shadow which gives this simple cockpit just the right touch in this example.

There will be airports in the next issue. This helps sooo much!

Look at the way the buildings are grounded with a slightly heavier line here! AAh!


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