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Furuba (Fruits Basket) My Current Favorite Anime

Introducing my current favorite anime/manga Fruits Basket! I love this series. It’s also good reference for my comic becuase it reminds of the importance of populating my own comic with gorgeous guys to compliment the girls. Don’t worry girls—yummy guys a plenty will be at Nami’s party in the last issue if the series before I convert the comic into a graphic novel!


My favorite characters in Furuba are Kyo, Ayame,Shigure and Hana.

Kyo is a troubled and salvageable bad boy. He’s posessed by the cat who was beaten by the rat into the zodiac and carries a big bad-boy-booboo kitty chip on his shoulder.

Ayame is posessed by the snake (a SEXY SNAKE!) and is a fabulous bisexual man who owns a fabric store and constume shop that caters to men’s fantasies!

Shigure the dog, is a marvelous noble straight man with just enough naughty in him to make him fun. Later in the manga we find out that he’s also a double edged sword despite his good natured disposition! Dun-Dun-DUNNN!
The series is about a family of people who are possessed by the animals if the Chinese zodiac. They all have social-psychological problems that are beyond their control until a homeless girl names Tohru Honda is invited into their midst. Tohru is a sweet endearing ever optimistic soul who counsels them and keeps their house in exchange for room and board. However, her presence as an outsider has riled Akito Sohma the head of the zodiac clan who therefore wishes her harm. In his view, Tohru is a rice-ball in a fruits basket and therefore should be allowed live among the Sohma family of zodiac members. Akito english voice artist channels Dirty’s Harry villian “Scorpion” which makes the character all the more menacing as he asserts mind games and physical abuse upon our hero Tohru.

The only character I am disappointed with is Momiji. Momiji is a pre-pubescent boy who dresses in victorian/toddler/schoolboy clothes in the manga. However, the English dub has rendered him girl. I really expected a young boy, with perhaps a changing voice for this character. I really was expecting him to sound more like a German version of Little Lord Flauntleroy. Poo!

Well I just read the outline of the entire series on Wikipedia! However, I will still collect the mangas because although I know how the series ends, Fruits Basket is still well written and filled with subplots that add comedy to the story. I even found out that Shigure has an alterior motive and is a bit of a bad guy as the story heats up! UH OH! However, I prefer to think of him in the anime as he sings to himself: High School Girls! High School Girls! All for me! All for meeeee


5 responses to “Furuba (Fruits Basket) My Current Favorite Anime

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  3. Anonymous April 25, 2008 at 4:44 am

    Actually I’m pretty sure Ayame isn’t supposed to be bi; the flirting thing is established as just being a way of annoying people.

  4. Komaki August 15, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    hellos!I LOVE fruits basket,too but Ayame isnt bisexual(u probably alr know[duh]he likes Mine)& cheer up!Momiji becomes "hotter" & eventually falls for Toru.^^My fav character is kyo,too^^he's my 'dream guy'

  5. Anonymous October 20, 2008 at 5:08 am

    I LOVE FURUBA!You should get the manga soon cause they are great!And so is the anime!BUT I dont get why you dont like MOMIJI cause he is soooooooo like well cute!Im not sure bout Aya being a BI but I still love him, but not as much as YUKI!I LOVE YUKI!I may as well be one of the fan girls!Yuki is my fav,but ppl say im more lyk KYO cause i have anger issues.HEHEHE!

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