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Space Lion

I woke up this morning to the ongrel version of Space Lion. So Pasha must have flown through space throughout the night. Do you think she passed Sirius the Dog Star?

I also think that she goes from worlds or states of nothingness as she moves between worlds. The Nilsson song “Life Line” goes through my head intermittenly throughout days.
I recite sancho for Pasha or think of her to give her encouragement when I hear this song in my head.

I hope it helps Pasha through her journey.
According to Mahayana Buddhist doctrine, Pasha will go through the following stages:

Bardo literally means “in between.” It indicates a number of transitional
or liminal conditions: (a) between birth and death, (b) the meditational
state, (c) the dream stage, (d) the moment of dying, (e) the interim
between death and rebirth, and (f) the process of rebirth.

Gosh Pasha. I’m here if you need me ok?

Life Line
by Harry Nilsson

Down to the bottom,
Is there anybody else here?

It’s cold and I’m so lonely,
Is there anybody else here?

Hello (Hello, Hello, Hello)
Won’t you throw me down a Life Line?
I’m so afraid of darkness,
And down here it’s just like night time.

Oobelie, Ooobely, Oogolie, Oogolie,
Oohs..Are all around me.
Will you please send down a Life Line?

And there isn’t any hope for me,
Unless this dream which seems so real,
Is just a fantasy.


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