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Dr. Wong

For the last mourning entry of Pasha’s Bardo blog, I will feature Dr. Wong.
Dr. Wong did not want to euthanize my dog. She was fine. He eyes turned bloodshot and her became flustered when I gave the order. However, when he regained his composure, he was the most gracious arbitor of death and sent Pasha into the next realm with care and a kind manner.
Pasha had many friends and there were very few if any people who did not love her once they got to know her. The move to San Francisco, though peril less, brought her to Dr. Wong, who unlike that other vets Pasha has seen, knew exactly how to treat her skin allergies. As result, his care made Pasha a beautiful dog again after several years of mange due to constant exposure to the biting elements of the backyard at the Vallejo house. Pasha’s green pumpkin patch world was beautiful but, detrimental to her health as she got older. 9 months of living in my car i.e. “ziplock bag” helped her ailments and appearance and readied for the loving home Pasha eventually received. Thank you Dr. Wong for your knowledge, kindness and non-jusgement. Your are truly a San Francisco treasure.


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