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One Week Ago Today: Goodbye

As we left Oblio and Arrow with the Three Fat Sisters, Dr. Wong and a strange new assistant came in.
“Sleepy-sleepy?” purred Dr. Wong.

Sleepy sleepy…

Pasha was not not sleeping, but she was definitely inabriated.

Dr. Wong and his assitant readied Pasha’s fron paws/wrists for the injection. The assistant asked what was wrong with Pasha. Dr. Wong replied that she was old and had housebreaking problems. The assistant decided to dismiss his feelings on the subject and went to work.
Pasha lifted her head to see what was going on. I mentioned that there may be some movement beccuse she isn’t asleep yet, but Dr. Wong informed me that she was too sedated to move.

Pasha had to witness her death.

I distracted Pasha as the needle went in. Look at me..look at me…

She did.

I don’t know what happened. It was if a light went out when a moment later Dr. Wong said: ” The heart has now stopped:.

I retained my tears as Dr. Wong rubbed me on the back and said: See? There is no pain and it goes quickly.”

He and his assistant then left the room to leave me with Pasha’s body which I was convinced was still conscious and so I finished the story of Oblio and Arrow and the Land of Point.

ARTIST: Harry Nilsson
TITLE: P.O.V. Waltz
Lyrics and Chords
[Point, The]
And suddenly, the strangest things are happening
I hope it’s not the last time, last time
I had a drink or two an hour so ago
It made me think of you
And now I know it’s not the last time, last time
/ G – – – / D – – – / D7 – / / G – – – /
Flying high up in the sky, I wonder why
I think I’m gonna fall, think I’m gonna fall
But there I go again, I’m up again, there I go again
I hope this isn’t all
/ G7 – – – / E – – – / A7 – – – / D7 – – – /
Hey, but as long as were up here
We might as well stay in sweet harmony
/ G – – – C – – – / A7 – – – D7 – – – /
Yada lada lada lada, la
Yada lada lada lada-ah
/ G – – – D – – – / D7 – – – G – – – /
Flying high up in the sky
I wonder why I have to have another point of view
To see me through
But now I think I’m gonna fall
I hope this isn’t all
And on top of that I hope it’s not the last time
/ G7 – / – – C – / A7 – – – / D7 – – – / / D7 – G – G7 – /
Mm mm…
La la la la la la
/ C – – – / A7 – – – D7 – – – /

“Everyone and everything has a point, whether it shows or not.”

I then swaddled her up in the blanket so she wouldn’t feel the chill of the steel table. Her head feel limp as I picked her up. I did not feel disgusted , but confirmed of her state. I laid her down in the table again..and kissed her good bye.


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