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One Week Ago Today: Sabrina Pick Up the Phone!

There’s a problem: of Pasha’s peeing is voluntary then there is nothing that Dr. Wong can do. If it’s involuntary and she simply pees while asleep, then there is a remedy. Who else would know but Sabrina her foster mom.
Sabrina is called, but does not pick up. She’s at work.
Other patients need to be seen.
Another call is made 10 minutes later. Sabirna picks up. The phone is handed to Dr. Wong. Sabrina sounds exasperated. Dr. Wong echoes her comments: “You been doing this for 2 years”.

Pasha is a “this”. It’s time to make a grim decision….

Depsite the fact that Pasha drinks like a camel, and has a good appetite and all other sign of good health, she must be put down because there is no one to let her out in the middle if the day to use the bathroom. What ever happened to the dog walker?

Dr. Sherman Wong eyes turn blood shot and gives me a look like: “Are you sure?”

I tearfuly give the OK. There is no where for Pasha to go.

Dr. Wong calm his voice to a soothing tone and utters something about a sedative and proper arrangements and leaves the room. The Blue Cross Pet Hospital receptionist brings in paper work for me to sign. She then leaves the room to get a blanket. When the receptionist returns with the blanket, I kneel down to comfort my dog who is oblivious to the situation at hand.
I begin my singing “Me and My Arrow” and “Pasha ( Martha) My Dear” to her. Dr. Wong comes in and administers the sedative which should take effect in about 10 minutes. I then begin to tell her the story of “The Point!”


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