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One Week Ago Today: We’re Late!

We had a marvelous time at Fort Miley! Pasha’s hips refused to allow her the climb the stairs at the bottom of the trail, so we hiked back up the the hill to the tor and I carried her over the crags of the summit and prodeded off the eastern end of the tor and up the less steep part of the stairs. Pasha climbed them like a pro.
Two rambunctions labs who surround Pasha and calm down in respect to their elder. Their owners follows ans excliam: “We like FLUFFY WE LIKE FLUFFY”., as they see Pasha.
Pasha is so popular:)
Two elderly hikers look forlornly at Pasha and comment how their older dog died last year at the age of 13. My Pasha is 17 and still going strong!
The hike back to the car was slow though. Another two companion hikers commented that she looked pooped! Pooped but happy. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with her after all! Into the car and off to the vet!


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