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Something to Think About: Rocketship Story Structure

Setup A: Gleep a martian traveler is hungry and wants the pizza he smells wafting from Soleil’s Kitchen
Ist Turning Point: Gleep agrees to take Soleil to the moon in exchange for more pizza
move into second act
Setup B: Soleil, fascinated by the Martian wants a trip to the moon. Interest in all things science and spacey in evident in various kitch in Soleil’s immediate environment and PBS’: Vacation Video playing on the TV in the kitchen.

2nd Turning Point: After a wonderful time on the moon, it is time for Soleil to fullfill her end of the bargain by making a pizza for Gleep.

Darkest Hour: Pizza that is to be made on the moon fall apart in the moons vacuum

New Stimilus: Soleil and Gleep research and discover a solution for cooking a pizza in a vacuum; they simulate an atmosphere unsing the rocketship.
move into third act

Climax: Perfectly cooked “jiffy pop” baked pizza using the rocketship as an oven.

Resolution: Soleil and Gleep’s friendship is deepened due their adventure. It is apparent is they say their goodbyes and Gleep give soleil/audience an, “until next time”, type glance o.s. as he flies away into the night.

Connecting through the stakes: Love and Friendship. Soleil will anythng to please her new friend and she feels she must succeed in baking a pizza for Gleep in exchange for a trip to the moon.


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