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What a dog!

“Yeah! Tell ’em about it Peg!”
-Lady and the Tramp

I’ve taken Pasha everywhere I can think of before her departure from this world. However, there is one thing I never got around to doing with her: take her for a ride on the bus!
Two weeks ago I encountered a huskey and her human riding the back of the bus. The huskey was a bit nervous, but well behaved. We all looked at her and her human and smiled.
If Pasha was in the place of the husky, everyone would’ve said: “What a beautiful dog! What breed is she?”
And I would’ve responded proudly as always; Chow-Chow and Shephard–a mutt!

Gallery Cafe: Beautiful dog. What breed?

Tilden Park: Nice colours. You should have bred her.

Huntington Park:”Wow, sometimes you get a prettier dog with the mixes as opposed to the pedigrees.”

By all means, pretty mutt and a nice dog–and the best choice. Let’s see a designer dog Pasha’s size live to be 17 with their dilluted gene pool!


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