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58 Demons: Incarceration

This was the most horrifying day in my life:

October 06, 2004 09:22 PM
Pasha was taken from my car by the San Francisco police and they may not give her back! It as all I could do to hope that Animal Car and Control would return her to me and not euthanize her. True, Pasha is very old but she didn’t deserve to die.
What happened was that I lost my car keys in the dog park the past Friday and had to leave Zouzou behind with Pasha inside until the park service found my missing keys. The dog park was walking distance from my home, so I simply resigned to take care of Pasha and take her on outings remotely at the same times a day as usual. But today I had an interview that ran long at an animation company and I didn’t get back in time to catch the policew in the act of taking my dog, for they took about an hour after I usually pick her up for treats and walkies.
If I didn’t have to leave this guy who talked to me too much about the origins of Betty friggin’ Boop in the park in a hurry, I never would left my keys behind and this never would’ve happened.
Ironically, the keys were found the by the park service the day Pasha was taken by Officer Sadtler. Yet, Pasha has many friends; Officer Sadtler fell in love with Pasha and gave me advice whenever some well meaning but evil doing caller would sic the cops on my dog.

The following day at the pound, I waited for three hours ouitside the door for the pound to open. The sound of barking dogs was disturbing. All I could think of was how miserable Pasha must have been and if the other dogs were huting her. The bloody scene of Curly’s death by Spitz and the other sled dogs who ate her alive in Call of the Wild, ran vividly in my head as I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.
I saw a few “donations” go into the bulding. One malnourished lady warned her soon to be given up kittens that it should stop behaving so crazy or no one would adopt it. The kitten was meowing in fright. Can people be that incredibly picky? An encouraging instance I saw was a pound volunteer who walked one of the impounded dogs. The dog looked like Pasha but darker and larger and had nore Chow in her.
When it was time for adopters/collectors to go in, the volunteers were very reluctant to give Pasha back to me. I had to find a home for her right then and there. Luckily I was smart enough to not be so darn honest and asked Tammie’s parents if they could shelter Pasha–even if it was just for a week to take the heat off. The agreed and Pasha was mine again. The Animal Care and Control volunteer even let me contact my mom all the way in Las Vegas who as it turns out was waitng for a call from me and was worried sick. If she was so worried sick, she would have responded to the dozens of emails from me stating that I needed help.
Phones are expensive and I had no money!
Mom provided money in the amount of $300 which sprang Pasha from her bondage. The front volunteer initally would not let me go back in visit Pasha, because she said it would disappoint Pasha if she couldn’t go home. However, once every thing was settled, the very same dog walking volunterr who gave me hope as I waited outside drowned in tears led Pasha out of the back room smiling at my dog .
Pasha on the other hand was looking herself …madly.

I bid goodbye the volunteers and put my puppy in the car.

Pasha comtinued to look around herself…madly, totally disorieted and scared.

I then took her to Fort Miley. It was a wonderfull foggy afternoon. It calmed her down immdiated. So much so, that we decided to hike even further–even to the beach. We went to Mile Rock Beach and looked at the water. On the way up Pasha insisted on going a different. I vowed that today was HER day and I opted to do anything she wanted. When we reached the top of the tor, there it was; the stone Tibetan mandala that would become Pasha’s spiritual center and future final resting place.


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