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58 Demons: Day of Anger

This is the last day Pasha will face the terrifying demons of her bardo. I shall commemorate by telling the story of her greatest demon in life: Alex

I had tethered Pasha to a parking meter outside of the dorm building. The kids there always take good care of her when I do that and I was only planning on running in to meet someone and run out. Usually I tether Pasha the banister in the shaded alcove of the building, which is against the rules but the building recently acquired a new manager and I wanted to smooth it over with her first. Well while I was smoozing and doing a little extra for my job to sweeten the deal (and waiting for my friend) I smelled pot wafting from one of the dorm rooms. I knew I would get in serious trouble, not to mention any leeway for Pasha if I ignored it. So, the new manager and myself ended up busting the students for possession.
Well, of course Pasha was waiting outside in the sun in 65 degree weather, so I came down stairs to rescue her only to find that kids has already done so and brought her into the alcove with some water (which she didn’t touch because she just had breakfast and two bowls of water a 1/2 hour before.
Well as I wrapped up the drug bust case with some paper work I get a call from one my fellow R.A.’s that one the students girlfriends ALEX, who has always disapproved me of me keeping Pasha in the car had called Animal Care and Control! Animal Care and Control will kill a dog in 4 days of the owner does not retrieve it and pay $130. I am between paychecks and not very well to do so Pasha would’ve been as good as dead had I not had a warning and called an emergency favor of the new manager to his my dog in my room.
When the little sheltered bitch came downstairs I confronted her and told her what Animal Care and Control will do to my dog because of her age (very old dogs like Pasha do not go to the no-kill SPCA shelter). Alex totally disregarded what I had said and twisted face in a tease and retorted that my dog has been living in the car for nine months and then I tied to a pole on the street. The bitch has obviously never been the Haight or Berkeley while everyone does that as then run errands or sit in outdoor cafes. Alex also disregarded –and I don’t know how she could have forgotten this, that myself and the entire Nob Hill dog owning community has been trying to place my dog all those months. Alex still remained defiant, so I told her the next time she does that I’ll grab her by the neck and break her ass in half! She rushed out the door trying to feign bravery and retorted that I will be reported to the Academy and I said good and you are no longer allowed my building.
Granted she had a point, but you’re supposed to call the owner not an authority that will kill the animal if you see it in distress. And by the way this all happened within a half hour! When my neighbors discovered Pasha living in the car they asked me if I needed ASSISTANCE not criticism for keeping Pasha in the car for they know that I was an owner who was trying to keep her dog alive, not cast it away to fate by surrendering it to pound when life got tough. That’s what an educated dog lover with life experience does and recognizes.
Now, some will speak the contrary on some or all of my tactics, but in the end my hard work paid off. I endured the criticism and kept my dog ALIVE and oddly enough HAPPY. Pasha liked the car better than the backyard garden I made for her all of her life (cushy seats and no garden bugs in her old age). Furthermore do not give the girl authority caller credit for Pasha’s adoption. Pasha’s neighbor (where I park the car) was working her management muscle on her job and found a home for Pasha via one of her employees and I got the call at random the morning after the incident.



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