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[14:58] ThomasRayDesign: hey stranger
[14:58] soleilsmile: Hello
[14:58] soleilsmile: How are you?
[14:59] ThomasRayDesign: tired
[14:59] ThomasRayDesign: partied hard lastnight
[14:59] ThomasRayDesign: WHEE
[14:59] soleilsmile: heheh
[14:59] ThomasRayDesign: how are you?
[14:59] soleilsmile: How is your school work going?
[14:59] ThomasRayDesign: good
[14:59] ThomasRayDesign: busy… rough semester
[14:59] soleilsmile: I’m alright
[14:59] ThomasRayDesign: good
[15:00] ThomasRayDesign: things going ok?
[15:00] soleilsmile: . Things are Ok I buried Pasha’s ashes at her favorite place over the weeekend
[15:00] ThomasRayDesign: aww
[15:00] ThomasRayDesign: I am so sorry about that
[15:00] soleilsmile: I think she’s happy
[15:01] ThomasRayDesign: i am sure she is and probably feeling a lot better
[15:01] soleilsmile: She seems fine that day of her death
[15:01] soleilsmile: She was so happy to see me
[15:01] ThomasRayDesign: she prolly new it was coming
[15:01] soleilsmile: Yeah
[15:01] ThomasRayDesign: and was glad to see you one last time
[15:02] soleilsmile: yeah
[15:02] soleilsmile: Well, I’m working on my film right now
[15:02] soleilsmile: and I’l include pasha in it, once her bardo is over
[15:02] ThomasRayDesign: how is that going
[15:03] ThomasRayDesign: bardo?
[15:03] soleilsmile: Very well thanks you
[15:03] ThomasRayDesign: what is a Bardo?
[15:03] soleilsmile: Bardo in the liminal stage between death and rebirth in Buddhism
[15:03] soleilsmile: the afterlife
[15:03] soleilsmile: it’s 49 days
[15:04] ThomasRayDesign: why do you have to wait to put her in your movie?
[15:06] soleilsmile: if you continue your attachment to your loved one after the first 21 days of their bardo, they may not reincarnate well
[15:06] ThomasRayDesign: i see
[15:07] soleilsmile: Because they will have regrets about leaving the realm of the living and still hold on to material possessions etc.
[15:07] soleilsmile: It’s not good
[15:07] ThomasRayDesign: makes sense
[15:07] soleilsmile: Pasha needs to be free to chose a new life
[15:09] ThomasRayDesign: what do you think she will choose?
[15:09] soleilsmile: I don’t know
[15:09] soleilsmile: It’s up to her
[15:09] soleilsmile: I don’t want to hinder her–even in thought
[15:09] ThomasRayDesign: good for you

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Here’s a San Francisco oddity. I just sold my house and moved to my school dorms in San Francisco.However, I couldn’t find a home for my 14 year old dog Pasha. As a result Pasha spends hers days in the parks of San Francisco and sleeps in my car at night.
She seems happy. Or am I being cruel and should just put her to sleep ( which I can’t bring myself to do). Whaddya think?

Don’t put her to sleep. There is a loving foster home waiting to welcome your 14 year old friend. You can find it.
Why don’t you put up notices in local supermarkets or see if there’s an “animal rescue” agency that can help you? Letting her run free in the park could end badly for her.
You might want to try Craig’s List for pets:

Letting her run loose in the park could be dangerous, especially for an older dog. My local dog park has had a lot of pooch-on-pooch violence, and the humans can be less than pleasant, too. There’s a lot of good dog sitters out there; do good by your friend.

Eep! No Pasha doesn’t run free in the park all day. It’s now my morning and evening ritual to go to the park with my dog with all of the joggers and surfers–at 7am and 5pm.
Don’t worry, I’m a good parent. Not perfect but “ok good”.

And yes I tried Craig’s List. No one wnats a 14 year old dog that isn’t purebred. Walking my dog around San Francisco over the past two days, one would think that no one in the whole world has a mutt.

Sad isn’t it?
That stinks SS– Mutts are definitely the best!

Good luck. She sounds like a great dog.

Your dog is happiest when she’s with you, but a cage-free Doggy Day Care facility might be an option. SF has got to have a few of those, I would think.
Doggy Day Care will be an option when I begin work again. I have a few interviews and when I get a bite, Fog City Doggy Day Care is waiting to welcome Pasha with open arms. I like them a lot. They even referred a great grommer on Russian Hill.
Why even think about it.It is just a dog. An animal. Animals don’t have any feelings.It doesn’t understand you and never will.When you talk to it, all it hears is ” BLaa bla blaa blaa “. Stupid dog.
The above was an attempt at bad humour. Sorry. I love dogs. My cats hate them though.
If Pasha’s happy sleeping in the car, what’s the problem? Dogs have slept in worse conditions down thru the ages.

Eventually when you get work, you can be reunited. Until then, you shouldn’t agonize over a dog’s sense of pride. That’s why we love them – they have no pride!
As long as she isn’t in a hot car during the day, I’m sure she’ll be fine.
Quit being a tightwad and pay your dogs tuition.

I cant speak for all vets, but my girlfriend is one and she absolutely refuses to euthanize a dog under circumstances like these.

Heres a great site for you to try:

Good luck!
I agree with Jon, and severely disagree with Pud. The connection between an owner and its human is easily underestimated by anyone who isn’t in a relationship such as this. My wife and I would be devestated if our puppygirl, Maggie, could no longer be in our lives. I think that the relationship, if it is a good one, is good for the canine as well as the primate.

I hope things work out, and I’ll mention it to a few dog lovers I know here in the South Bay and see if anyone would like to help somehow.
Quit being a tightwad and pay your dogs tuition.

I think I have 0.22 to my name right now. I just moved and the new owners of my house didn’t pay for the antiques they wanted from me like they promised. I pretty strapped. So no, until I get work I cannot put Pash’ in doggy daycare.

Get it?

Don’t worry folks she has plenty of food.

Anyhoo, we went for a nice misty foggy morning hike through the Presidio and Sea Cliff area today. She looked pretty happy to me! Oh and to the person concerned with it being hot in car; San Francisco is cold right now so I don’t think that’s a problem. Also, I have to move my car every two hours during the day ( I live on Nob Hill)so she’s checked on frequently enough. You should’ve seen her all curled up sweet on the passenger’s seat last night while it was freezing outside and cozy in the car. Made me go to bed all warm and fuzzy feelin’

Thanks for all of warmth guys! [blush]
My Pasha has been taken from my car by the San Francisco police and they may not give her back! Could you guys wish me luck that they’ll return her to me and not euthanize her? She’s very old but doesn’t deserve to die.
What happened was that I lost my keys in the dog park last Friday and had to leave my car behind with Pasha in it until he park service found them. The dog park was walking distance from my home so I simply resigns to take care of Pasha and take her on outings remotely at the same times a day as usual. But today I had an interview that ran long at an animation company and I didn’t get back in time to catch the policew in the act of taking my dog, for they took about an hour after I usually pick her up foo treats and walkies.
If I didn’t have to leave this guy who talked to me too much about the origins of Betty friggin’ Boop in the park in a hurry, I never would left my keys behind and this never would’ve happened.
Ironically, the keys were found today by the park service and I couldn’t pick them up because of the interview. [Frown]
Pray, chant, and wish for my poor “Arrow” will you everyone?


So sorry to hear that Soleil. [Frown] [Frown] [Frown]
That’s really horrible!

Seriously, no matter how wierd it sounds to them, point them to this website. It’s got dates so they can see your concern from before the incident.

Ah, the beauty of the internet. Let us know what happens.
I am surprised that anything bad happened with such a well thought out plan for taking care of a 14 year old dog.
As a responsible pet owner, I find your behaviour outrageous.
That being said, I hope your dog is adopted out to a more fitting owner.
Sorry this seems harsh, but someone had to say it.
I think Fooksie’s response is a bit harsh – but there is an element of truth to it. Did you take your dog’s well being into account when you made your plans to go back to school?
I hope everything turns out well for you and Pasha, but I didn’t like the idea of an old dog living in a car.
I think this is getting into an uncomfortable area. I know several people – childless couples and ladies who would be called “spinsters” in an earlier age – who keep and love pets. They are essentially their substitute children.

They are so close to their pets that, if for some reason they couldn’t afford to take care of them, they’d do their best to adopt them out to a good home. And they wouldn’t simply leave them in the Humane Society; they’d find an individual who wanted the dog or cat.

I don’t have pets; I’m allergic to cats. Yet (and this isn’t bragging, just fact) I once drove a friend of mine down to Miami to pick up three cats from a woman who was dying of cancer, who could no longer take care of her animals. It was partially a gift for my friend, for the lady and for the cats.

I’m not accusing anyone of anything, since I don’t know the specific situation. I would simply say, before taking responsibility for another life form, a lot of thought and consideration has to come first. Thought isn’t very popular these days, but it’s essential.

OKee. Animal Care and Control gave Pasha back to me! Out of desparation I called my friend who’s parents have a huge expensive house in Marin County and they agrred to foster my dog! [Smile] [bawling] Whatta relief!

I never thought in a million years that thaey would exept my dog, for they have nothing but pedigree cats around the house! Incidentally they gave me their plain old ( wonderful) American Shorthair over the summer. Pita was the “non-Persian” and was treated as such and therefoe hated his family. Two days after Pita stayed with me at my humble little garden house in Vallejo, he transformed for a scowling feline hating life to a rather over affectionate cuddle monster. He did chang back to grumpy guss again after a return him to his original owners when I sold the house though. However, tmy friend’s parents were so appreciative, they wanted to return the favor and now Pasha has a nice home to be fostered in.
That was scary for a while wasn’t it? I had to buy Pasha time, Fooksie and Russian Judge.
There are two people who want Pasha but, one is waiting for escrow to go through on his new home and the other is inthe process of convincing his parents and taking forever with it. I can’t afford to kennel her and the shelters only give 72 hours for dogs to be adopted and people rarely take animals over 3 years old. Pasha doesn’t deserve to die. She’s still has a bit of pep. She splashed through a shallow creek with me today as I gathered for bay leaves and walnuts in Marin. She’s the greatest dog in the world!
Anyhoo, I can rest now. You all can rest now; but you know I would’ve done anything for my dog. Even if it meant sleeping with the S.P.C.A. kennel keeper to get her back.

Thanks everyone; kind and harsh,

Hi Ashanti,

I don’t think that anyone meant to be harsh. (Well, except for Fooksie – but he’s just born that way.) I’m glad that all’s well that ended well. I for one, was more than a bit concerned about Pasha. At least she’s in good hands.
Fooksie doesn’t know that Pasha has lived in a “Secret Garden” for 14 years.She’s a strawberry field and pumpkin patch doggy. WE just had to sell the house that’s all. What seemed sure fire homes for Pasha fell through. My best friend was supposed to take her, but thre’s shortage of houses to be even in Medecino county andthey were beat out of their housing bid by some buyer who had $400,000 ca$h to sway the owner.Housing in NOrthern California is double vicious dudes.
How is it So Cali

Back to the subject

Anyhoo, stuff happens. My mom and I would’ve kept the house for our dog had notice of her homelessness had reached us BEFORE the escow process began. I don’t think an owner is supposed to renege in escrow by law. We woulda told the non-profit org’ that bought the house to go f*(* thems(*&*. They’re mean and billied other potential buyers we liked better. To make matters worse, after they bought the house they completely destroyed my garden. Pumpkin patch and all.My poor naked ladies and sunflowers [bawling]
Instead of selling my mom and I would’ve rented out he house for the duration of Pasha’s life on the agreement that she stayed on the premises and sold it after she ascended to Doggie Heaven ( I still cry when I think of that).
So Fooksie and Russian Judge, I am a good parent, I just got stuck in a jam and refused to give up. What else could any pet-parent do? Give ideas with criticsm. A better alternative could’ve surfaced through dialogue.
I think I have 0.22 to my name right now. I just moved and the new owners of my house didn’t pay for the antiques they wanted from me like they promised. I pretty strapped. So no, until I get work I cannot put Pash’ in doggy daycare.

Hey, I’m very sorry you took that the wrong way. It was a joke that you should pay the dogs tuition so that you can bunk together in the Dorm. All your missing is Corey Haim and you got yourself a smash it.

I realize that your situation is just one of life’s deals that cant be avoided. Sometimes its a dog sleeping in a car and sometimes its a person. I might suggest that you bounce your situation off of the school board. When a longtime pet is involved people tend to rally behind you quite a bit. I’m thinking a fundraiser or donation bucket or two around school. Once you get Pasha’s mug on a coffee can the bucks should start rolling in. In fact, if you setup a paypal account I’ll be happy to donate myself.
I am glad that your dog is ok.
Obviously you dodged a bullet, and but will probably make the same sort of mistake later on.
I don’t know what goes on where you live, but here in GA we have people who claim to be ” good parents ” who leave their kids in the car all day while they work.
The majority of these kids die.
The parents tell the police, press, and whoever will listen that they tried to do the right thing but they had nowhere to turn.
Now, dogs are not the same as kids, but the problem with common sense is that it isn’t common at all.
Glad things worked out for you, and I hope that your luck continues to hold.
Obviously you dodged a bullet, and but will probably make the same sort of mistake later on.

You’re a mean one, Mister Fooksie…


No, not at all.
I would rather have someone’s feelings get bruised than for some old dog to get hurt.
I don’t wish her any ill at all, she’s probably very nice.


Who cares about dogs. They have no feelings. They’re not people you know. Outside on a farm or locked in a car jail, all their thinking is….food food food, oh look a bird…. food food food….grrr a cat….food food food….duh…im a dumb dog….hey look, i can lick myself….duh duh duh. Hey this car is getting hot, but since i have no thoughts regarding my well being, i don’t care…food food food. Stupid dog. [guitar]
And they call ME a cynic! Funny how a comparatively minor incident – a dog being taken by the Humane Society – can reveal so much about so many people here.

Soleil Smile, for instance, has learned an important life lesson about the responsibilities tied to love. SquareJawHero has shown he has a belief in the power of the Internet that isn’t backed up in reality. Fooksie revealed that he is extraordinarily sensitive to potential abuse cases, which drives him to shoot first. And Pud? An unexpected canine bigot.

What we have here is an Internet version of “Desperate Housewives.” These are the days of our lives.

The weather was cool here over the past week that Pasha lived in the car. Zouzou (my car) was not hot. Pasha would have been leashed to a parking meter outside of work where I can see her if the day was hot or put her up at a friends house. Since the weather was foggy and cold that week, she stayed comfy in the car. She even stopped chewing on herself and her wounds healed. Now that Pasha is staying with another family she’s started chewing again just as she did when I would work all day and not come home until night fall (((Sigh))) What to do…what to do…. Now I have to take her to the vet to convince the family that Pasha’s not diseased for she just came from the vet! However, “Bank of Mom” just came into play and will fund the doctor visit to secure the living arrangement. The vet will say the same thing she said before: dogs may chew on themselves out of stress. It’s a nervous condition. Seeing as how the family is never home until nightfall, it’s probably loneliness. Pasha was never alone for more than a few hours when she lived in the car, so it’s a catch 22. She could live in the car and goes on adventures with me for 4 hours a day, twice a day ’till she’s good tired or be alone in the garage of a semi-mansion where the owners have never had a dog and only sees me for adventures once a week because I live so far away. It’s an unfortunate double standard.
And NO Fooksie, Pasha cannot just go to a better home just like that from the pound. People do not adopt old dogs around here—unless they’re pure breeds. This is Northern California not Georgia.
Hey, I’m very sorry you took that the wrong way. It was a joke that you should pay the dogs tuition so that you can bunk together in the Dorm

Oh! That’s what you meant. Hoo! Ok, you’re forgiven. Even Fooksie is forgiven. [frown] If I was on the outside looking in I would feel the same way. This situation was an eye opener. Who knew there was such a shortage of people with houses who can actually adopt a dog. AMAZING!
The selling of the house deal was to help to take care of my mom, so she can buy a house out right in Las Vegas and be protected by the second dip in the recession where real estate (which the field that she works in) may be the next big industry to fall. Mom and I thought we would have trouble with the goings on of selling the house not the placing of the family dog! [freak]
A note to anyone who plans to move: place your family pet first–not verbally but actually moved into its new home and settled in BEFORE you go into contract with a realtor. You’ll avoid a lot of crying and the head and heartache that follows.
Last year I had a real eye opener myself.
A stray dog, actually a full blooded Black Lab, sneaked under my fence and started playing with my Airedale.
Usually she goes for the throat, but the two of them hit it off.
After 5 months with this dog:
1. Couldn’t find the owners. I think some renters just got tired of having this big dog in their house and let him go.
2. Paid for all of Doodlebug’s ( don’t you love that name?) shots and got him neutered.
3. Luckily, friends of mine adopted him so I can see him whenever I want.

I will walk over a bum and not think twice, but I can’t stand to see an animal suffer.
Thanks for the forgiveness, S.
Take care!
I will walk over a bum and not think twice, but I can’t stand to see an animal suffer.

Heh-heh. I’m the same way! But let’s not open another can of worms! Although just to add; I saw a huge donation barrel at the S.P.C.A. filled with canned food for the welfare of the pets of homeless people. How come THEIR dogs don’t get picked up? I once witnessed in horror a homeless man call his poor German Shepard extremities and saying “come here^%&*^*!” His dog, terrified staggered toward him, because the dog was slow in coming, the homeless man picked the doggy up and threw him several yards in front of him! I was outraged and yelled ( when I finally found my stupid voice) after the homeless man who sped away in his bike with frightened but loyal dog running after him.
I spoke to a friend of mine who volunteered for the SPCA afterwards. She acknowledged the abuse but, then added ” If the SPCA took the dog away, what’s to stop him form getting another one?”

Isn’t that horrible? And my dog gets picked because I took her out for walkies when no one saw me at non-peak hours. The car is not much better, but I think Pash’ was happier there than at her foster family’s mini-mansion

Hey Fooksie! You’ve got an Airedale? I’ve got an Airedale. Disney is 3 years old. Very good natured, though somewhat territorial. He’s smart and somewhat evil. It’s his good looks that save him. Is your pooch nuts too?
quote Russian Judge : And Pud? An unexpected canine bigot.

am not. [rasberry] [Wink]

Actually i feel that there are 2 types of animal people.

As you awake in your bed in the middle of the night, you find your dog/cat asleep, lying on top of you. Either on your legs, or stomach, or anywhere else that happens to be a bit uncomfortable.

Do you :

1. Want to move or push the pet off, so that you yourself can be more comfortable, but…. decide not to, as you don’t want to disturb your sleeping pet as it looks so comfortable. You slowly fall asleep feeling good that your pet is happy.

2. Push the animal off.

As much as I would want to lie about this, i have to say I’m more the number 1. [blush]
Pretty wimpy huh ?

I’ve awaken in some pretty wacked out yoga type poses from my cat curling up with me in the middle of night.
My Airedale, Candy, is going to be 8 this December.
What a great dog, but behind her button eyes lurks a monster.
I am reminded of that line in ” Jaws “…” you ever look into a shark’s eyes?”.. [funny]
I need to get her groomed, as she looks like a sheep with her hair all poofed out.
She loves people and kids, but will lose her nut at the sight of another dog or stranger knocking on my door.
She’s a fantastic watchdog, and really keeps the Jehovah’s Witnesses on their toes.
“Button eyes”?
Disney has “coffee-bean eyes” – yes, there’s definitely a monster living in there. He’s an unstoppable force of nature. The only thing that scares him is Jello. I don’t know why – he’ll go after rabbits and other small creatures, but Jello scares the crap out of him.

He’s certainly earns his keep. He once cornered someone trying to break into the house. That guy won’t come to my neighborhood again. On the other hand, he’s very good with kids and other dogs. He holds still so the smallest kids can pat him.

Overall, he’s a great pet, but I wouldn’t recommend an Airedale for a family with kids under 8 or 10 years old. They’re too strong for the kids to play with – he took my daughter “sidewalk-skiing” once. I was grateful that she still had her teeth afterwards. Needless to say, I’m the chief dog-walker.
asha will let anyone in who will pet her. She will sound an alarm though. Then the burgular has to face the scariest thing in the universe: yours truly. [Mad]
I found a cute aritcle about doghs tourists can borrow for walkies around town.
This Dog For Rent

From the San Francisco Chronicle
Aspen , Colo. — Everybody in Aspen seemed to have a dog except me, and it made me wish I’d brought my golden retriever to Colorado. So I did the next best thing: I dropped by the Aspen Animal Shelter and checked out a “loaner.”

In resort areas around the United States, borrowing a German shepherd or husky is getting to be as easy as checking out a book from the library. A small but growing number of shelters and high-end hotels — and one grocery store — now lend dogs to visitors for an afternoon or a weekend:

— In Aspen, the borrow-a-dog program is so popular that there’s often a waiting list in summer. Some of the town’s most upmarket hotels participate, helping arrange loaners for their guests and permitting the dogs to spend the night in the hotel.

— In Vancouver, British Columbia, the two Fairmont hotels each have a resident Labrador retriever registered guests can take for a stroll around the city. Among their fans: Queen Elizabeth II, who was photographed with one during a visit a few years ago.

— Near Sun Valley, Idaho, visitors to the Animal Shelter of Wood River have their choice of between 60 and 100 dogs for hikes. And each Wednesday during the summer, dog lovers are invited to join the staff and 10 to 15 of the shelter’s dogs for an off-leash romp in the Sawtooth National Forest.

— In Haiku, a small town on the road to Hana in Maui, over 20 loaner dogs of varying pedigree are available at the Maui Grown Market to anyone who buys a picnic lunch. “Some people are crying when they bring the dogs back,” said owner Chris Borges. “They fall in love.”

— At the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch in Beaver Creek, a tony ski resort near Vail, the resident yellow Lab, named Bachelor, is available for weekday hikes and snowshoe treks. The service is free, but guests are urged to make a donation to the Eagle County Humane Society. When he’s not out walking, Bachelor holds court on his doggie bed in the hotel lobby.

For upmarket hotels, canine ambassadors are one way to get a leg up on the competition. At the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver and the Fairmont Waterfront, the resident dogs — former guide-dog trainees — always show up at the top of visitor satisfaction surveys. They’re so popular that reservations are necessary, and the dogs have mandated rest periods during the day.

“When they go out on walks, they know the most direct routes to the nearest doughnut shops and hot dog stands,” said Jill Killeen, spokeswoman for the hotels. “We’ve had to put them on diets, and now we send guests out with a pack of more appropriate doggie treats.”

The dogs — Morgan, Mavis and Holly — each have their own e-mail addresses, and Killeen said they receive a steady stream of missives from former guests and the guests’ own pets.

For dogs in shelters, the loaner programs have huge benefits: They get plenty of daily exercise and socialization, and a large percentage of them end up going home permanently with their borrowers.

“A lot of our dogs leave Aspen on private jets,” said Seth Sachson, owner of the Aspen Animal Shelter. “It’s quite a Cinderella story for them.”

Borrowing a dog for an afternoon walk in Aspen couldn’t have been easier. I signed a waiver, strolled past the pens in the back, chose Nali, a white, 2- year-old husky mix, and within minutes was strolling a wooded path along the Roaring Fork River. Nali led the way. She’s done the walk a thousand times.

“For tourists, it’s a great way to become part of the community,” Sachson said. “With a dog, you feel like a local. People come up and talk to you. It’s a great ice breaker.”

And so it was with us: A pair of joggers stopped to make a fuss over Nali, and we had a nice little chat about the area’s best walking paths.

Another hidden benefit came at the end of our walk. Nali had wallowed in a bog of inky mud, but when we got back to the shelter I didn’t need to get out the garden hose — I merely handed her back to Sachson, who took care of the bath.

For technophiles who like the idea of a dog but not the responsibility, the new W hotel in South Korea, the W Seoul-Walkerhill, offers a solution: free use of a Sony AIBO robotic dog. It is said to be able to recognize the “owner’s” face and 100 voice commands, and can retrieve a toy bone. And, perhaps best of all, if guests take it for a walk around the hotel, they needn’t carry a plastic bag.

For more information
Aspen Animal Shelter, (970) 544-0206,

Fairmont Hotels, (800) 275-7544,

Animal Shelter of Wood River, (208) 788-4351,

Maui Grown Market, Haiku, Maui, (808) 572-693.

Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch, (800) 241-3333, http://www.ritzcarlton./ com/resorts/bachelor_gulch.

W Seoul-Walkerhill, (888) 625-5144,

E-mail Executive Travel Editor John Flinn at
Good News! Pasha has finally been adopted by a very nice family who has another older dog. I hope she’ll be happy. I’m terribly sad but, I did what was best for my pooch and gave her away after 9 months of living in my car! What an adventure! I’ve been screwed over many a SF landlord who said yes to pets of any size over the phone to get me out to see their units only to have them change their stories and say: NO DOGS OVER 30lbs when I’m about to sign a lease. What the heck is that?! Surreal Estate I tell ya. Anyooo I get visiting rights and everything, so all will be well.

Um…yay. I think. [bawling]

That’s insane. I have a Shi tzu X and a big Goldie, Guess who has done the most….no… all of the damage? Not to mention the goldie was house-broken in a matter of days. the shitzoo;
3 months!
Many years ago when I was researching dogs to own I read that the great Dane is actually a good apartment dog ( I guess comparitively as far as attention) …not that I’m an advocate of keeping dogs in apartments but size has nothing to do with it.

Oh congrats on finding a home for your friend. It takes alot of love to give them up too.
Congrats on finding a home for your friend!
o those of you who knew her, petted her, fed her and loved her, Pasha died today.
Pasha was my life partner and I shall miss her terribly.
Will you all wish Pasha well in her after life? I would really appreciate it. If you would like to see images of Pasha, please visit my blog at the following url:

Thank you all and remember to hug your pets often. [bawling]
Sorry to find this out.
Cherish the good times you had with her.
Hopefully, that will help a little.
What a sweet looking dog. I am so sorry for your loss. Just remember that you did your best and that she had a good run.

“When the Man waked up he said,
‘What is Wild Dog doing here?’
And the Woman said,
‘His name is not Wild Dog any more,
but the First Friend,
because he will be our friend
for always and always and always.'”
– Rudyard Kipling
Awww Baby…I am so sorry.
I’m all weepy now.

Such a sweetie.

You are such a good dog Mommy…

Pascha was over 112 years old….


I have said goodbye to a few good bitches.

Lady, a Wire Hair mutt (mine) and Raven, a Giant Schnauzer my best friend had from a Pup to 14+ years.

Dogs, well big ones, have souls….
We’ll see them again. [Smile]

You are a good dog Mommy. [Smile]
Bless you.
I’m sorry to hear that Pasha died. She looks like she was a very sweet dog. There comes a time when you have to do the right thing – even though it doesn’t feel like you’re doing the right thing.
Thanks for your kind and helpful words to all who replied. Even though, it still hurts like hell right now. I did see one encouraging thing as I wandered around San Francisco today; a stenciled graffitti message on a sidwalk in the Hayes Valley tha read: “It’s O.K. to Cry Here”.

Thanks again everyone—even those who criticsized me in the past.
Dear Soleil, I know just what you’re going through. I endured the same experience, the same emotional ordeal, the same feelings of guilt and despair.

The day I put my dog down, Providence was gracious enough to provide a torential rainstorm to hide the tears. After the deed was one, I drove a 1000 miles that day and into the next before I finally came to a stop. I spent the rest of that year in aimless wandering. I finally returned to LA and started to get my life together again after the trauma. Seeing those pictures of Pasha and reading what you posted on your blog kicked all those buried emotions up again.

I raised my dog from a puppy. He was a good companion and never left my side, but he was a shepard mix and the arthritis in his hips really hobbled him in his later years. I don’t think I’ve ever forgiven myself for what I did. I’ve never had another dog and probably never will again. He’ll be the only one.

In my case, time wounds all heels. But for you, time will heal your heartbreak. You handled Pasha’s passing with more courage than I handled the passing of my dog. I know it because of what you wrote. You’re not alone in this. My deepest sympathies and sincere affection.
Thank you Charles. What you said means a lot. Really it does.

On another note, don’t be afraid to get another dog! Dogs are the greatest companions. Nice as they are, you really can’t take a cat for a walk. For example: who are you going to share you eggs with at outdoor cafes? Who else would know sit quietly and enjoy the scenery as you drink your brunch brew and peruse the Sunday paper? Furthermore, who else would be so willing to walk off brunch with a nice hike in the woods with you after you’ve eaten that big meal?
Letting go of a pet does hurt, but you become less afraid after each one. So, please Charles, go adopt another dog. The joy that the pooch will add to your life is more than worth the heartbreak of its death.
Sounds like your doggie had a long and adventurous life. I don’t think there is any better pet then a dog; friend, protector, & loyal servant. I tell stories about my dogs all the time, even though they’ve been gone for years, and years. Especially the Jack Russel Terrier mix/mutt I had growing up, that little guy was smart! He had so many little games that he made up. Even though he’s long gone, he’ll never be forgotten. I’m sure Pasha will be remembered like that too.


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