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Tempo rubato (Italian stolen time) is a musical term for slightly speeding up or slowing down the tempo of a piece at the discretion of the soloist or the conductor.
a flexible tempo; not strictly on the beat.

In other words dancing off beat, but on purpose. This does not by any chance redeem those who have no sense opf rythm.

I saw Don Quixote in the most terrible seats I have ever endured last night. I meant to leave after the first intermission, but as the cabernet worked it’s way through I thought twice. Secondly as a treat to myself I sipped my glass of spirit on the Opera House balcony and a took in the sights of my beloved city.
City Hall in all of it’s luminous splendor stood before me and gleemed as if to say: Do you feel better now? With a wink from the done I decided to carry on the rest of the evening in my horrible seat.
I was so unnerved. The ticket operator convinced me that the seat was so good and sold it to me fop $20. The seat in fact tourned out be next to a pillar in a seating arrangement that was too low and unstaggered. To add insult to injury, the couple who sat before me wore head gear tyoe binoculars. Therefore, I sat with my head cocked to the side as I peered through the heads of the those before me. I’ll never sit in the Dress Circle again!With this bile in my veins ( mixed with cabernet) I decided to commit a petty payback crime by “neglecting” to give back my cabernet glass. I now have a souvenir of the horrid first act.
The second act was an improvement over the first. The sets were simpler and more vibrant and I moved to the untaken seat next to me as suggested by my neighbors. That seat was somewhat better. At least I got to use the pillar as a headrest as I peared thought the heads of the couple before me. The sets of the second was worthy of the balcony seats. One sits in the orchestra to appreciate the dancers and one sits in the grand tier and dress circle to appreciate the sets. The sets of the gypsy camp and the tavern were rich and simple and set of the dancers costume nicley. The ballet actually started to reflect it’s marvelous posters at this point. The tavern was a rich gold ochre that took one back to the work of Goya and Velasquez.
The third acts sets were much like the sets of the first. There was no light source to give depth to the village and the time always seemed high noon which washes out the costumes and makes every skin tone fade into the masonry. Not good. Helgi needs to hirea lead BG layout visual developmetn artist from Disney or Dreamworks Feature to design his village sets.


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