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Another Great CL Post: a response to a racist

e:re:re: why blacks are so loud and asians bad drivers (berkeley)
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Date: 2007-09-03, 12:05PM PDT

This is one of the most thoughtful posting here I’ve seen here for a long time. Thank you; you made my day!

Every time you turn around, someone is wondering why some group or another is this or that, or doing this or that. Maybe I’ve misinterpreted absented minded rants for the real desire to know. However, if you really want to know “why”, you should go and hang out with those people for a few days, weeks, or however long it takes to sate your curiosity. Doing so might show you there is usually a method to, or a reason for, what might seem apparent chaos.

Don’t give me this cowardly line about how dangerous it is. Remember those daring Europeans who used to (and still do) leave the comforts of Europe to live among natives of Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands and elsewhere? Many of those explorers professed a new understanding of things they had previously thought alien. But I doubt whether many of you have the courage to move into the projects, the Barrios or China Town and really get to know the people, preferring instead to get your information from the evening news, or casual experience on MUNI or BART.

You might have never thought about it, but those folks sometimes find your ways just as incomprehensible as you find theirs.


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