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Venus Hottentot

Wasn’t the bustle invented after this show?

Saarjite Baartman (1789 – December 29, 1815) a 19th-century South AfricanKhoisan woman with large buttocks who was exhibited in England in a sideshow.

It seems my suspicions have merit:

Early bustle (1869 – 1876)

The bustle was a typically Victorian fashion. Although most bustle gowns covered nearly all of a woman, the shape created by the combination of a bustle and corset (accentuating the rump, waist, and bosom) resulted in a highly erotic and idealized conception of femininity, possibly inspired by the exaggerated images of the South African woman known as “Hottentot Venus” exhibited throughout Europe in the first part of the 19th century.

Bustles and bustle gowns are rarely worn in contemporary society. Notable exceptions occur in the realm of haute couture and bridal fashion. A dress in the bustle style may be worn as a costume. For example, in 1993 Eiko Ishioka won an Academy Award for her costume designs from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The film features several extravagant bustle gowns created for female leads Winona Ryder and Sadie Frost.

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