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So Long Old Friend

The movers broke my really nice 27″ Sony Trinitron TV!
Oh how I LOVED that TV! It was the trophy I bought myself from my Space Jam internship as well the VCR in 1995. The TV was not just monetarily valuable, but it had great sentimental value as well! Telly was my friend for 12.3 years and I loved watching him.
He had the greatest speakers. You could hear animal noises in the Lion King that I didn’t even hear in the theater. Also, you can hear the very worst ADR direction in anime no prob! The actors of Kodacha could speak as sofly as they wished, all thanks to my super-Telly! But now he’s gone. His wonderful head was crushed by a tool box that was recklessly placed atop of my god ol’ TV by Starving Students–WHILE THE DAMN TRUCK WAS MOVING. I won’t even get the initial cost of the TV thanks to my telly boy’s age. Starving Students: !2.3 years means nothing to a Sony. Don’t you realize that Sony’s are like Toyotas which simply REFUSE to die????
Alas, my TV was a victim of tele-slaughter and can not live up to it’s proud heritage. The HD craze was laughable to me because I had a wonderful TV who would have pressed through any new fangled doo-hickey the technology wizards could conjure up. Now I have no choice but to join this silly trend to get consumer to spend their rainy day money. At least for now, I have my mom’s little 19′ put-put. It’s been a good guest TV to me as I waited for my stuff to arrive over the past two weeks. I have no idea what brand it is for the logo has fallen off the console. Knowing my mom, it probably an off brand. I really shouldn’t knock this little set though. For although it’s incapable of relaying a belting cries of the Lion King Zebras to me, it still plays Doris Day movies just fine. I will eventually replace my lost Sony with some snazzy new device from Hannspree or Sony HD, but until then, this little guy will keep me company the best way it can.

I think I’ll name him Ernie…


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