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Today, around this time,my dear doggy friend Pasha died.
She was put down for being an inconvenience, for being homeless once again and I didn’t want her to endure another summer in a hot car.

My car still smells like her. So I am reminded everyday that I had a wonderful dog who sometimes had to make mistakes in the car. No fault of her own though. I was the one who was late letting her out.

I can’t really “feel” her anymore. I remember her, but I don’t sense a presence. Perhaps she is a happy new doggy now. Just as beautiful as she was before. Living in a beautiful backyard with a pumpkin patch.

Do you remember me Pasha? If you do, don’t waste your like pining for me. Enjoy it with you wonderful new humans.



Do you remember me?
Once I called you my own
I’m sad as I can be
It’s no fun on my own

Why can’t a memory
Pull away like a tear

why do I go to my window
Hoping you will appear

Cause I need you
Cause I miss you

Cause I wish you were here….


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