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Valley of Fire

Road Trip Sunday. Can’t get much better than this.

Arch Rock

What if that rock formation back there was a dormant dinosaur and it woke up all of a sudden and ate those people!

Remeber that Tex Avery cartoon with Dinosaur Dan where all the cave people lived in rock formations like these?

Are we in the land of Point?

Why did the tortoise cross the road?

To get to the other side!

Sandstone. Meet the Sandstones…

From the town of Bedrock….or ocean of…

Can you you imagine that this is what the botton of the sea looks like? Underwater mountains! Actually were all merely living on landmasses poking out of the sea.

This rock formation makes me wonder if Moebius visited Nevada.

I wonder if this will be my last road trip with ZouZou. She’ll be 15 in September. Her gear shift case just broke and she’s looking a bit worse for wear. I just can’t trash such a faithful steed. Especially one with a hummy little heart that just won’t quit.

Toyotas just don’t die…thankfully.


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