The Animatress Pipeline

Filmmaking Adventures


Detour thru your Mind
by the B52’s

Over the summer I will be laying out 4 beat boards from Detour thru your Mind in Autodesk’s Maya. I will be taking TWO count ’em TWO texture ans lighting classes in the Fall, so these will be a good set up for the glorious surreal production design of my next film. What a head trip this is going to be!

First up: 16 Magenta butterfiles dancing on the back of a green octopus.

For some reason the image plane will not render, so I included screen captures as well.

Here is the childhood inspiration for the coral. I love how the childhood structure I used to play on in my fairytale days of Oakland is featured in a 1971 World Book encyclopedia.

Here’s the board featuring Fred, Kate and Cindy…

The hippopotamus is cussing us out!


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