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And she lived hopefully ever after:)

The LGBT marriage ban has been lifted. Since then, I have never felt more hopeful towards finding another person to share my life with. A recent stay over with a friend of mine made me realize that, yes, I COULD live with someone I love for the rest of life–but that person should be a woman. Taking care of my guy friend was nice: I would clean the house and have dinner cooked when he got home. Afterwards, he would mix me drinks and we would both settle on the couch and delve into our common interest: animation. It all seemed Utopian until I thought about how if we were married I wold have to pay for his kindness when the clock struck 11:30pm. That image just ruined the set up.
A working partner is what I wish for and I can not have that in a man. Someone who will go down to the basement in after working all day at the office and tinker away on brilliant inventions while I paint and draw in the attic. A friend of my mind. We can always come together after our big projects are done and then have plenty to talk about in addition to being friends of each other bodies. Men who are brilliant and funny go for non-Black women. However, Black women are popular with lesbians and I’ve always admired women more often than men anyway, so this all works well.
Just think, I can wear make up and lose weight and wear form fitting clothing without raising the ire of other women—because I won’t be competition for them! Let those Susie B-Cups hiss at me! I’ll just smile back knowing that they’ve got the wrong idea. For I’m not even playing in their field.Women like this have held me in a cage since puberty–but no more. Now even moreso I can defend my friends who fall victim to these jealous bitches.

I have a beautiful friend who is a light skinned wavy haired mulatta who dyes her waist length waterfall tresses blonde. I used to observe the Susie B-Cups glaring at my friend in envy for in addition to being blonde, she has a voluptuous Black woman’s body. I would meet their dagger glares when they turned around ( usually in coffee shops) to let them know that my beautiful Aquarian friend was protected. And if they laid hand or said evil about her they would answer to me. My friend is happily married now, and living in a much happier place than LA. I think in her honor I will streak my hair blonde, green and blue and live life fearlessy and as prettily as I wish!

Oh Happy Day!

Images courtesy of
Ranma 1/2
by Rumiko Takahashi . Produced by Kitty Film

Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love
by Maria Maggenti


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