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Orgin of Mongogamy

The negative reaction to lifting of the LGBT ban by the religious got me thinking: perhaps they simply have a problem sharing the term marriage with us? So I decided to research the history of marriage online which eventually led me to the history of monogamy. It seems that the term marriage is a religious institution, but it’s one of possession of women and children as opposed to te modern day urban practice of two best friends living, loving and surviving with one another for life. The search so far is proving to be very biased if favor of men so for now it is work in progress. To kick off the journey, here is the Lary Gonick depiction of the origin of marriage a la the Cartoon History of the Universe:

Click to enlarge

Personally, I like the LGBT and Bohemian version of marriage a lot better. Hierarchies suck!

Images copyright Larry Gonick


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