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Kate and Cindy

Here are a couple of roughs of Kate and Cindy. I’m trying to create a Decarlo, Fleischer, Superficial* hybrid style for the girls and Fred for the “ID” section of the film and it’s proven to be quite a challenge! I’m sure I’ll finally nail it the day I throw my hands up the hair over the whole thing.

I think I’ll model their lipstick instead of using a texture map. I want them to have that Archie style Decarlo style to their mouths.

I still have to add sparklies to the ramp shader for their eyes.

This is the outfit or Kate for 3D parts of Detour thru Your Mind….

Also, and early characture I did of her the 4th year of my undergrad for my character design 4 class with Sue Nichols.

And here’s Cindy’s outfit and caricature.

ID greeter costume for K&C.

I’ll upload Fred once I finalize his hair and Adam’s Apple.
See you in a week!

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