The Animatress Pipeline

Filmmaking Adventures

Large Orange Room

As we go further into the gloom we chance up a large orange room.

I’m doing mental ray tutorials and I decided to create the large orange room from Detour. As I went along, I noticed that I was designing my dream loft in San Francisco.

I think I’ll change the carpet.

A key POPS out of your nose!

We open the door and suddenly we realize we are no more….

Living in LA and San Francisco, I’ve had my share of apartments. This room is a combination of all the places to lived and a few that I looked at in my apt search. One of the spaces that” got away” was a live work space on Russian Hill right next to my old college the San Francsico Art Insitute–not the trade school but the old fine art school that looks like a seminary.
Anyhoo, this live/work space had the highest ceilings and a stone floor—just perfect for an artist. Most people would say the setup would be expensive to heat. However, a painter would greatly benefit from the layout because the high ceilings would add additional ventilation.
Although I found another fabulous apartment a few years later near the same neighborhood, I never forgot this space and I would ofter try to find it again on my walks home from work. Unfortunately, the place must have been from Brigadoon anf I was never able to find it again.
So, it now lives in tmy next film.
One of dorm rooms on the famous Tenderloin/Nob Hill border had these HUGE windows that looked out onto a sort of courtyard, much like Jimmy Stewart abode in Rear Window. I could see all the ingenous painting and playing their guitars as they sat on their window sills in the rain as I created on my computer. It was a very pleasant experience that even had an urban adventure. 2 days before New Years, I was working on my computer at my window Carrie Bradshaw style when I noticed a silhouette out the corner of my eye. It was coming from the browstone across the way, second corner window from the top. I dismissed the image until the nature and I got up to use the bathroom. As I did so, I noticed the figure was male and has his hands in a suspicious place. I couldn’t make it out because it was like Jiminy Cricket eating an icecream cone straight on, so I went about my business. However, upon returning from the bathroom I say full on that the figure was still there, in fact the naughty turned to the side to to clearly show me EXACTLY what he was doing! The guy was hard and hung like bear! I guess New Years Eve couldn’t come soon enough for him. I took the prank in stride and wagged a no-no finger at him and drew the shades. Just an average night in the City.
At my next place I hope to have a wall to wall bookcase for all of my tomes. In the Sex and City movie, Carrie had a walk in closet the size of boutique built for her. I would love the same “closet” but, I’ll substitute shoes for books! Nothing wrong with shoes Carrie and crew. Books like candy to me that’s all.


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