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Rendering without Mental Ray

It turns out that the tile roofs in this scene are so complex, that mental ray crashes whenever I attempt to light them. So, the next best thing is to use an ambient and direction light-and a really bright BG.
I gotta get rid of that seam…

The problem with this setup is that everything looks like its made of plastic! I’m going to try an environment fog and see if that will make a difference.
Such a pity, without the heavy data roofs, mental ray picks up every pretty pebble in the courtyard bump map. With the regular maya software, the result is a chunky oatmeal look.

Mental Ray renders are so much nicer!

You can have different passes with layers just for shadows! However, it seems to work best for interiors such as the layout of this loft/live/work space I built. At the geometry doesn’t “float” thanks to mental ray’s ray trace shadows.

Nice as the patio is, it’s needs deeper shadows.

Oh what a difference an occlusion layer makes ^_^.

These images below do not have shadow passes. They need them desperately.

I’ll render new passes once I figure out what kind of moulding I around the bathroom window.


2 responses to “Rendering without Mental Ray

  1. Ryan G. August 7, 2008 at 6:17 am

    Yeah those definitley need some shadows. Did you try just turning on final gather in Mental Ray? And Raytracing shadows? GI might be a little too much for a heavy scene if your computer has too little RAM.

  2. SoleilSmile August 7, 2008 at 6:40 am

    I tried that. Sadly it makes my computer very angry with me. I’m creating another tile roof scene, but I will us displacement maps instead of geometry. Hopefully that won’t overwhelm my machine. Thanks for your suggestions though:)

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