The Animatress Pipeline

Filmmaking Adventures

Dallas Project

Dallas needed boy types for his friend’s headshots. So, I dug into my character design reference binder for male characters and dug up some boys that fit the various styles he dictated.

1.) About what to wear for your head shots. Okay, I actually had to get some help from my friend Libby for this one. This is what we came up with. If you can get three sets of shots form each person. The first one go in with some facial hair scruff, a v – neck tee (white, black, or gray will do.), and some blue jeans. Libby also suggested that you add a couple necklesse like the kind a wear. and maybe a metal braclet. after this set shave to do the others. The second one is your preppy look which the one you liked at Urban outfitters is fine. add some slacks and a tie and it works fine. The last one, or I think as you called ” Embracing your inner gay” should really be whatever you would wear for the club but for the gays. For me that’s not loud color but basically showing more skin. Don’t go slutty with it just like a clubbing shirt with a couple extra buttons undone and some gelled hair.


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