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Amelie Paris

Since I am moving to New York soon, I simply must jaunt over to Paris again. Here’s a map of where I stayed in Paris in 1997 a place called the Gobelins to Montmartre where I plan to explore.

9, Rue Gobelins, 75013 Paris, France (Résidence Les Gobelins),+France&daddr=Rue+Domat+%28Cathedrale+Notre+Dame+de+Paris%29+to:76,+Rue+Clichy,+75009+Paris,+France+%28Aurore+Montmartre%29&mra=pe&mrcr=1&doflg=ptk&sll=48.859294,2.333393&sspn=0.07036,0.137501&ie=UTF8&ll=48.859294,2.333393&spn=0.07036,0.137501&output=embed&s=AARTsJr6Dy2vUNzpk5cj2hjQ5XyUAssP4w
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Just in case the embed is wonky:
Paris Map


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