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My Zouzou is Gone

She would’ve been 16 years old this September. I had her for 14 of those years. My little car was donated to KQED today to avoid towing by my mom’s HOA for registration violation. Once again, I was an irresponsible owner of sentient being.
I don’t care what anyone says, my car was ALIVE. She never broke down in dangerous places and the needle on her odometer would always fall whenever we passed a gas station. Especially Shell and Cheveron. Zouzou just loved their techron yummy gas. She would even go a bit further between fill ups with gas from those two places. Oh Zouzou you were such a great car! How many times have we traveled up and down highway 1 from Cal Arts to Inverness and back. You were the perfect car for back roads. You were able to swerve safely from any deer! However, in the beginning did kill two bunnies with you and I’m sorry for that.

My original plan for Zouzou’s retirement was to live with Peggy in those very same woods. That way, I would see her every once in a while and perhaps drive her again. I also wanted to donate he KQED, but not until the very end when it was really and truly time for Zouzou to become one with the Autobot Matrix.

Now I wonder who will have her now and if they’ll take care of her. She suffered some horrible injuries from vandals in San Francisco and here in Las Vegas. Her two rear drivers side windows were smashed for a radio and the latter for possible coinage in the ashtray. She was also harassed by the HOA board members in my mom’s complex. They have some serious’y bad karma coming to them! Just because a car has million bumper stickers and pine cones on the back window ledge, does not mean that a homeless person has moved onto the property. Hasn’t anyone of these biddies seen a Bohemian before? Or a liberal arts college student? Apparently not!

This past Sunday though, I discovered a large crack in Zouzou’s windshield. I was almost like a tear. Was it, “Please fix me before taking me out again? or “Please retire me, for I am old and in pain”?

Whatever happens, I hope Zouzou will me heppy and well taken care of or humanely dismantled. She deserves the best for being my faithful steed for so many years.

I love you Zouzou and I miss the hum of your engine already.


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