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Clean Up is SO HARD!

Although I have no trouble inking my comic, Superficial, I have a bear of a time doing animation clean up. Thank goodness there are such things as studios like Disney and Spumco with training budgets to teach artists like myself.

John K. of Spumco has been kind enough to post some rough animation drawings for people to practice clean up. Below are my attempts. In addition to the downloadable drawings, John offers in valuable advice in a number of posts.

John K. Inking Searchlist

One arguement he raises involves two techniques: Cartoon Skin vs. Lumpy Pants. The latter is used in many of todays action adventure cartoons, whereas the former reflects the 40’s style that John’s is so very partial to:

Cartoon Skin vs. Lumpy Pants
Here’s another good involving organic lines as opposed to pencil cleanups:
Is Good Line Important?
I rather like Lumpy Pants myself. It’s good for action adventure. I think it is best to learn and use both styles. Therefore I will use Lumpy Pants which harks from anime and fashion illustration for Superficial and Cartoon Skin for Detour Thru Your Mind.

Here are my shaky attempts at inking a Sody scene. I’ve been doing one every evening for the past 3 days.

Goddess I suck at this!
But I MUST persevere! My last of mastery over this tricky rudimentary skill set has been the plague of my career. You have no idea how many character design jobs I’ve lost due to my shaky clean up line. I gotta beat this. More tomorrow.


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