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I woke up to a call today from KQED informing me that ZouZou has been sold. I asked the operator who may baby was sold to and if she would be well taken care, but I was rushed off the line.
I had a bit of a cry after I hung up/

Later on in the day I finally got the compensation from the loss of my TV from Starving Students. That check would’ve paid Zouzou’s registration and I would never have had to donate her prematurely.

I feel as though I’ve sold my most loyal friend for 20 pieces of silver.

Many good things have happened since Zouzou played the herald and started me off on my journey. The refund from the canceled auto insurance paid for my class registration which led to another potential turn of events. A teacher who I was afraid to work with has offered to steer my career towards the studio of my choice. Better than that, he thanked me for being such a good student. That’s the pat on the back I needed from the 3d animation dept. Sherrie of 2D had been great, but I vindication from the new medium I set out 5 years ago to learn.

Still, I wish I had my ZouZou to celebrate with, with a nice trip to Boulder City.

Thank you my little earthquake car. For everything.


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