The Animatress Pipeline

Filmmaking Adventures

Sody Baby Steps

A Teensy Bit Better

This is from John’s least idiot proof rough. Everyone on his blog cleaned this drawing up. I made sure not look at any one else’s clean up as I inked so I wouldn’t play copycat. It woulda stiffened me up anyway.
I made more custom brushes for this one so that more ends would come to a point. I still have to master my line weight hierarchies though.

To relieve stress, I inked according to Superficial’s aesthetic and then applied Spumco’s rules of line hierarchy afterwards. I think it makes for a better drawing. My line of action and John’s structure. Works for me!

I found some more good tutorials on some 3rd party websites that John referred:

Inking Tips in Illustrator

How to make a Brush
I knew this technique, but I’ve been using brushes with thinner weights and more variation as the tip turns. I’ll make “Spumco Brush” and ink another Sody pose.


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