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Sody New Brush

I tried using Brian’s brush settings for this clean up and it went a lot faster.
However, the line still seems undisciplined. I’m going to do one more and then take a break. I need to get back to my own projects. I have a comic to draw machines for and color and the last B52 character to model.
Wouldn’tcha like to see Fred? ^_^

For the next and tentatively last clean up, I’m going to take some advice from Kali. No, not my Indura Kali— Spumco’s Kali. John has posted a great entry about through lines and flash set up using her inks.

Kali inks for Flash setup

More Digital Inking Tips

Brian Romero


One response to “Sody New Brush

  1. Mr. Semaj September 11, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    I cannot wait to see her in color. ❤

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