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Detour Models to be Improved

Here are some Detour models to be inked for the 2D segments of the film. The three styles are Fleischer, De Carlo and Depatie Freeling. Spumco was going to be the third style, but I am not as financially well off as I thought I was going to be when I conceptualized this project over ten years ago. In short, it would be an insult to John without hiring him to work on the Spumco inspired segment of the film. It woulds been the orange room sequence, as suggested in the film’s poster. Sorry I’m such a loser, Spumco.
Anyhoo, here’s the stuff.

I think I’ll ink some George Liquor roughs to help me prepare for the Fred clean up. I always have trouble with the pelvis on guys because guy ilia does not flare out like girl ilia. It’s a weird landmark-less structure, yo. I’ll post the Fred stuff later when I can do him justice.


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