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Goddam George Liquor Ink

9:28pm Omihell, whaddIdo! Introducing the shameful first attempt at George. Clean up ain’t easy, desu yo! I’m gonna take a break and come back to this. In the meantime, you’all have a good laugh now! Y’hear?!

6:30pm: OK, I went over Jim’s board and did some character layout work overs on George. I mainly just went over the drawing to get a feel of what I am about to ink and tweaked the perspective.
I am VERY METHODICAL when it comes to drawing guys. I hate drawing them–unless they’re superhero or Shoujo style. So, since there will never be a Sesshomaru ( who I would happily draw in revisions over and over again) in the comedy world I try to hit all right places so I will not have to draw the guy character pose twice due to mistakes.
The point is to get it done to first time and get it over with. Therefore, I work out proportions, scale and perspective before I stark inking.

Right now I see a problem I made with the perspective on the table legs. The table itself should be pushed back from George just a bit. It’s too close and low the way it is now.

I also need to be clear on George’s shoes. I don’t have a turn around of George and that bit of info is crucial to my work flow.I’d better crawl John’s blog.
I’m going to cross my T’s and dot my “i’s” on George’s model and then post the ink later tonight. See you then!

Earlier today:
OK. It’s time to move on to male characters. I have trouble designing guys for the comedy genre, so I’m going to learn from Spumco, since John was kind enough to give us tutorials.
But first, I’m going to post a diddy from the 80’s to get myself motivated.
Elwee and the Tree Weasels! Could there be a possible Sody Pop protoype in the opening sequence of this cartoon? mmmMMMmaybe!

There is a 3/4 rear of George that I really wanted to break down and clean up, but I can’t find it. Either that, or I remember Jim’s board here, being a layout. I’m getting kinda perturbed searching John’s blog for that ding dang drawing. Ah well, at least I get to laugh at funny shit as I go along.


2 responses to “Goddam George Liquor Ink

  1. Anonymous September 11, 2008 at 12:13 am

    That is a caricature of a Bakshi-Hyde Ventures office assistant named Janelle Pransky. It may or may not be an early version of Sody. Probably not.

  2. SoleilSmile September 11, 2008 at 12:16 am

    Interesting! Thanks for that tasty bit of info!

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