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Something tells me that this camera is gong to cost at LEAST one months rent!

Required Hardware
Because the work students produce in this course is to contribute to the students’ master’s thesis, students must have access to a high-resolution camera and HDV capture card so that they can shoot their own background footage, as well as their own actor footage. Though the supplied resources for this course include background and actor footage for student use, original footage will better distinguish their work from their peers’, and can be used in their demo reels.

Minimum Camera Specifications: HDV
Students should purchase a consumer, prosumer, or professional camera capable of outputting Full HD 1080p via component video or HDMI connectors. Alternately, students may purchase a 1080i camera; however, de-interlace interpolation will reduce the quality of the resulting footage somewhat.

Minimum Capture Quality Specifications:
HDV capture via FireWire.

Optimal Capture Quality Specifications:
Full HD capture card similar to Black Magic Intensity Pro:

Sony HDR-HC9E Full HD Video Camera

About 1300-1500 bucks! I’m going to be mugger bait walkin’ around with this thing in Manhattan art crawls where I plan to shoot most of my footage. I wonder if it can double as a good bludgeoning weapon?

JolleeBee Whilickers! What have I got myself into?! But the industry is screaming for compositors so I have no choice. I’ll think of how much cooler my next film will turn out…
Must be good for Ottawa,,must be good for Ottawaaaaaa….


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