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Inspiration Part 2- Bollywood

Bollywood is FABOO!

I mean, who couldn’t love an industry that gives us guys and gorgeous as Hrithik Roshan?

Like the Japanese, India has a wonderful way of embracing the modern while respecting antiquity at the same time. It’s all so pretty! The people are so pretty–and they’re BROWN. That’s great for dark skinned minorities who love movies too and are sick of seeing examples of themselves as token characters. Wanna see someone like you who is rich and successful and not a thug? Turn to Bollywood. You may not be Indian or Iranian but at least the actors are brown like you.

Bollywood recognizes the beauty of it’s own people instead of everyone dying their hair blonde. Many of of the actors have irridescent eyes, but that’s a reality in that region. European women where sold into white slavery to the Muslim world during the dark ages, so many people in that region have, blue, green, hazel eyes through unions. Because of that history of having an upper hand over Europe for a time, Western influences meld into the native culture pretty well, without disregarding the beauty and accomplishments of the regional culture which is also lovely. For the most part, a happy psyche.

However, the Indian actresses are being pressured into becoming thinner rather than emulate the established curvy ideal. Nice big boobs are replaced my long legs and flat chests like Meg Ryan and every other jealous stick insect bitch from the U.S. Big boobs may be rare among White women in the states, but voluptuousness is very common Africa, Western Asia and Indian subcontinent. This stupid American Olive Oyl ideal infiltrating Bollywood! I can’t stand it. I’m feeling more and more like a freak for being a 36DD. Anita Eckberg ( a curvy white woman) and Sophia Loren where ARE you!

Luckily the Kareena Kapoor hasn’t whittled down her nice soft curves.

Do you see any scary Sara Jessica Parker ( as much I love her) vertebrae sticking out of Kareena’s back? NO! That’s GOOD!

Keep Bollywood curvy!

Aishwayra Rai–LOVE herrr!


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