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Inspiration Part 4-China the Storytelling Powerhouse

China gave the world my favorite modern actress. A modern day Bette Davis and Katherine Hepburn mixed with a sizzle of feminism: Gong Li

When I first screened Raise the Red Lantern at San Francisco’s Opera Plaza, I was memorized by her character, Songlian, a college sophomore,stern resolve after conceding to become a concubine after her fathers death. Aside from the performances the best thing about this film is that it does not have a happy ending.

This set up really stuck a cord with me for in 1992, I too was a sophomore college and had a stalking chauvinist ex-boy friend who just wanted me as a servant wife. Although, I broke up with him and was fully in a relationship with someone else, he still felt as though he owned me! He did not want me to be college and it seemed he was going to chase me away from my education by force! But I persevered by transferring to another school 400 miles away from him! BAMn! Yeah, Raise the Red Lantern in one of my favorite films among other films by China that explores the theme of cultural sexism. Xiuxiu the Sent Down Girl takes the cake is rousing my ire–not because it was made-but because it is very probable that the situation happened. I’ll have to dig through my dvd collection for that film. Sorry I don’t have an image.

Not all of the films I like from China are the feminist ones. Actually, I am of the opinion the China simply can not make a mad film—sort of like Golden Age Hollywood.
Here are other treasures from China. You’ll wanna see these film just cause they’re so pretty! Never fear about running into a bad story—China just doesn’t make them:)


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