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Inspiration Part 6- Tranquility of Vietnam

Director Anh Hung Tran of Vietnam, tells tranquil character driven tales while showing off the beauty of Vietnam in The Scent of Green Papaya and The Vertical Ray of the Sun.

In Vertical Ray of the Sun, there’s a nice scene where the main characters lunch in an outdoor cafe on a warm rainy day. It must be nice to work off a meal by splashing in warm puddles on the way home with no fear of catching cold:)

I love the use of analogous colors that shows off the beautiful skin of the actresses in this film.

The Scent of Green Papaya is about a young girl name Mui, who grows up as servant in household that loves and eventually adopts her. When Mui grows up she even marries a friend of the family who is a brilliant musician.

Mui had a crush on him for years, but he was engaged indefinitely to a wealthy socialite. At some point the musician throws over his playful pestering fiancee in favor of the Mui. I don’t blame him. I would prefer a spouse who can entertain his/herself with his/her own endeavors and let me work in peace as well. The first girl needed too much a attention. She’ll find a better match. Do not feel too sorry for her. She’ll cry a bit, eat some nice ice cream and her family will introduce her to another man who’s a bit less cerebral who can play with her more often.

You see, Mui knows how to entertain herself and let an artist do his work. It’s not a sexist submissive issue, it’s a compatibility issue.

Both of these films are great and make you feel like cooking and keeping a pretty house. Enjoy ^_~


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