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Inspiration-Part 8 Films of the Islamic World

I decided to divide western Asia from the Himalayas from the Islamic world. The people look so different, I thought it best to give Iran and the Arab lands their own post. Sorry for the inconvenience
I don’t have very many pics of N
orth African, Near and Middle Eastern cinema, but I DO have some good recommendations and one treasure from Nepal.

Bashu the little stranger
from Iran
My women’s studies class reviewed this film to start a dialogue on the use of veils in the Islamic world. Nali’s Batman-fast donning of her veil in the films opening is unforgettable and so is the rest of the film.

Bashu is about a little boy who fled to northern Iran during the Iran/Iraq wars and how he adapts to the new village he resides in. Nali is a kindly young wife and mother who’s husband is off to war who takes him in and helps him fit into society. Bashu’s main obstacles are his darker skin color and the language barrier. Fortunately, he is so good at math and other useful skills that gain him legitimacy with the mildly racist villagers. I say mildy, because they are perplexed rather than hateful. They’ve just never seen a dark skinned person before.

I’m quite pathetic and do not have pics form any other films from the Islamic region, so please take my word on the following recommendations:

Turtles Can Fly ( Kurdish)directed by Bahman Ghobadi

Films from the genius of character driven films of Iran’s Majid Majidi
The Willow Tree
Children of HeavenThis was so good! You must see it!


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