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Another Pretty Pretty from Aishwarya

A new Bollywood discovery- for me anyway. I just love the library:)

Umrao Jaan

All the Indian people I’ve spoken to do not have a very high opinion of Aishwayra Rai. I don’t know if it’s because of her irredescent eyes that do not reflect the majority of the people of India or something else that I suspect.

The films I’ve seen starring Aishwayra that aren’t costume period pictures are not her strongest. One video store ownner claimed that she is not much of an actress and that he much prefers Madhuri Dixit who played Chandramukhi opposite Aiswayra’s Parvati (‘Paro’) in Devdas (2002).

Perhaps the naysayers are frustrated that Aishwayra attracted the eye of Hollwood whereas Madhuri did not, despite her work in Devdas. Dramatically, Madhuri did carry the film. Then again her character had the most conflict. Courtesans will always be more interesting than kept princesses.

Well, in Umrao Jaan, it is Aishwayra’s turn to play a tragic courtesan and physically, she plays the title role well. I would not be able to judge her oral performance because I do not speak Hindi. Either way, this film was most enjoyable and I liked Aishwayra. The only problem I had with it is a unrealised conflict that arose between Umrao and Bismillah. The same mistake was made in Devdas between Devdas and his sister in law. It had such a great build up only to have a disappointing payoff.

Next, I’ll create a post featuring my favorite Bollywood actresses:) See you tomorrow.


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