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Texture Creation Class Week 2

I’m taking a texture creation class for my 3D models and by the end of the semester I will have generated a library of 200 textures.
These are the assignments for week 2

For the record, I am not a plant killer. I have quite the green thumb and here’s one of my last pumpkin plants to prove it

The Las Vegas valley is a tough terrain to grow plants in. I had a rosemary plant die over the summer despite all the water I gave it! I suspect that there is more than water and weather to blame. Las Vegas has a giant cockroach problem. These local “waterbugs” live in your container garden and steal water and who knows what else from the plants. I’ve had to let my pumpkin seedlings die on purpose to be rid of them. I’ll take this last seedling to New York with me and see if it survives the trip over there. Once I’m settled, I let it live in a window box or balcony and see if it thrives.
Here’s hoping…


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