The Animatress Pipeline

Filmmaking Adventures

The Life of an Independent Filmmaker

When an animation artist gains enough experience in the industry, he or she has the option to be an independent filmmaker. Animators who went to Cal Arts, USC, Sheridan and the Vancouver Film School have already made their own films. However, that urge to work on your ideas doesn’t fade. In fact,it SCREAMS after you’ve worked for someone else for too long. Yes, it’s great to work for your heroes and be a part of great team and gain all of that knowledge that boost the skill level, but eventually an artist gets sick of giving all of their ideas to the studios and must strike out on their own and take a sabbatical. Lucky for artist there are internationally acclaimed venues to distribute the work once it’s done.

National Film Board Canada

Home of Fredric Back, Caroline Leaf and The Danish Poet.

The Man Who Panted Trees
by Fredric Back

Two Sisters
by Caroline Leaf


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