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Filmmaking Adventures

Two Directors I would love to work for

Julie Taymor

A fantastic surrealist. Taymor is a little weak on the storytelling, but she gets better with each film. Her latest film, Across the Universe was a huge improvement over her first film Titus. All artist learn and grow. It’s been fun observing Taymor’s progress.

In Frida, I really appreciated the way Taymor did not exploit Salma Hayek body to sell the film. There was one nude scene with her, but for the most part Frida was a labor of love about the artists creative process set on by the events in her life. ] Although it did have PLENTY gratuitous sex scenes for bored men out there, the film was primarily about the art, which makes me happy.
There were a lot surreal scenes involving Kahlo’s paintings.

Sally Potter

A resourceful independent filmmaker who gave us her wonderful interpretation of Orlando.
She managed to save a heck a lot of money her film by filming where it was cheap. Thus she was able to spend the surplus on costumes, a great alternative script and an investment in a then unknown actress named Tilda Swinton. I hope they get to work together again soon:)

Tilda looks like a Sargent painting here.

Sex, from a woman’s perspective. Only women directors, ballet and the French ( gender does not matter) can make this sport pretty. Hooray for art films which shows this different perspective.

Have you ever notice that female illustrators are obsessed with this angle? I must say that it works much better in film and photographs as opposed to drawings and paintings. Few women are trained enough in figure drawing to pull it off. You see it in metaphysical art all the time.


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